Museum of the future


Museum of the Future In a marvelling world full of constant technical revolutionary inventions, one true mark of a society in full bloom is their advances on the cultural level. Art is in many ways the measuring tool for advanced societies. Although the constant evolving art the current musea seem more like a time capsule desperately trying to hold on … Continue reading

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30 Windows #3

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30 Windows #2

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30 Windows #1

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Playing around in c4d and after effects

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Amorphous city

Calculated, a skinny arm stretches to pick up the delicate porcelain cup and brings it toward his mouth. What once was a man of posture and charisma now has shrunken down to a sharp bony humanoid creature with a piercing and icy gaze. Staring straight in front him the blue light of the wall of screens renders his skin it … Continue reading

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Moka pot


Small fun project.

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While the red eyes of my alarm clock blink to 01:68 I’m not sure where i am anymore. Half awake, half I sleep two world collide leaving me immersed in my new plane of existence.

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Screen shot 2012-01-07 at 20.20.31

Archnarrative was born out of the dramatic structure of story telling. The dramatic arc of traditional story telling knows five stages; Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and the revelation/catastrophe. In stark contrast the current movement in motion design which only purpose it to impress and wow. Archnarrative is an attempt to use abstract animation as a mean to an … Continue reading

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Typography – Transmission


Experiment, obviously referring to joy division, although I’m aware that transmission isn’t on that album .  

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99 Frames – Data_moshing


Fun little project for the social animation project 99 frames project Vimeo compressions doesn’t like the colours, movement and thin lines so hit this link for better quality

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In the Rye


This imagine is an combination between Catcher in the rye and Ratcatcher. The real size printed is 110cm by 40cm.

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Small project, did some post production in photoshop.

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Design of a city


Currently I’m modeling a Dystopian city you can follow the process more closely at One of the books I’ve drawn inspiration from is Yevgeny Zamyatin’s – We “But then, the sky! Blue, untainted by a single cloud (the Ancients had such barbarous tastes given that their poets could have been inspired by such stupid, sloppy, silly-lingering clumps of vapour). … Continue reading

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Free model: Dolphin


Free c4d model, you can use it for commercial work if you want. Download here and enjoy! Don’t forget that i released a free rigged robot model while back, check it out here!  

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Pirate Ship

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at 01.12.50

For a friend i had to make an so called likeness. It’s a form of a portrait but without the actual person. I created this for him in an afternoon and evening. Modeled and textured in C4D. The wood is a Texture from

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Collection of Masks


Printed posters with masks with different emotions.

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Futuristic Motorcycle


Concept of a motorcycle, Steering mechanism is in the back, Modeled and textured in C4D with Cell renderer

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Inspired by the siggraph talk of David Lewandowski i tried to recreate some of his tricks.

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Free Model: Rigged robot

Screen shot 2011-10-16 at 22.54.21

So i finished my metallic little friend last night and wanted to share the C4D model with you. Do what ever you want to him, that includes commercial usage [although i can't imagine you want to ].

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Waving robot


Sorry, just cant sit still at the moment, Small update with this little friend I created. The arms are rigged with joints so i made him wave. Video is in the post.

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Concept Animation E-reader


This concept is based around a double-sided system for more then one purpose. One purpose of the double sided screen is delivery of free content. The reason the content is free is because the other side of the tablet will be used for advertisement while you read your newspaper or book. So on one side you are reading content without … Continue reading

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Concept Animation

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 00.27.29

For a competition I’m working on a concept for an E-reader. Thought it would be good practice to actually apply my knowledge about C4D so far. little by little I’m gaining more understanding how to program works. The deadline is 13th of October, so expect the final animation on Vimeo and my site by then!

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Animation about Rotation


Toying around with this amazing program i toyed until i got this animation. Think ill need to experiment more with this

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Degree animation W.I.P


Currently working on an animation in C4D, Here’s a very small sneak peak!

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light in the box


Animation of a dark room with a box, On opening a light emits from the box revealing the thing that is inside,nothing . It’s meant as a metaphor

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Sofa model: wip #1


Currently working on a few 3d models, this is a work in progress.

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Few pictures shot with a Hassleblad, an amazing analog camera.

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Matter in the Water


C4D experiment with metaballs, attraction and light.

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